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SAW the Musical the Unauthorized Parody of Saw

Andrew is back Off-Broadway, but this time in a parody musical!  This show is the fan-fiction that everyone's been waiting to see since the original movie in 2004. Lawrence Gordon and Adam Stanheit are trapped in a bathroom by a serial killer... so will they kiss? The answer would be yes if they weren't chained to opposite ends of the room. Andrew understudies the role of Gordon, and has to slap on a blonde wig, tango with a sex doll, and saw off his foot in front of a live audience. This one is quite shocking, to say the least. Andrew was interviewed for NPR about the show and role, and you can catch him in most Sunday performances now at the AMT Theater.


Unofficial Barbie's Princess & the Pauper

Hi Barbie! Featured in 2023's New York Theater Festival, this musical was well-needed for the world. Many Gen Z girls in their youth watched the animated Barbie movies, but these films sort of got swept under the rug in the modern day. TikTok sounds from this movie have brought back a bit of the nostalgia, and an incredible performance by Martin Short in an early 2000s animated film is a gem to find. So the obvious choice was to bring this particular show back into the light with an unofficial stage adaptation! When Andrew saw the casting call for Wolfie the barking cat... he couldn't refuse, it was basically his destiny. And, just so it's clear, this was not an official Barbie production, so don't sue us, Mattel. 

Atlantic City Blues Brothers

Andrew rocks the house as a John Belushi impersonator for the Atlantic City Blues Brothers in... New York and Florida? During the 2022 holiday season, Andrew stepped in as an emergency replacement for the role. He learned 15 blues songs (choreography and all) over the course of 4 rehearsals (2 of which were over Zoom). After those quick rehearsals, a one-night-only performance went up in NYC before the crew flew down to Naples, Florida for a short run. Hats, sunglasses, handcuffs, harmonica, cartwheels, sing-alongs: this production was a strange yet fitting addition to the holidays. 


The Importance of Being Earnest(ly) LGBTQ+

A hot new take on a classic that would make Oscar Wilde himself proud. Set in the modern day, numerous roles gender-bent, and hilarious moments of imrpov made this show a total hit. Andrew made his Off-Broadway debut with this show but only performed a handful of times as he was the understudy for the lead role of Algy. 

Our Town

Nothing's drier than a small New Hampshire town in 1901, right?... Well, I beg to differ because this production of Thorton Wilder's Our Town didn't have a dry eye in the house. Andrew returned to Massachusetts in the middle of winter to hop on an opportunity he couldn't refuse: live theater. Going so long without a stage because of the pandemic really hit him hard, so he did the last thing he would expect himself to do. And boy, did it pay off. They sold out multiple shows, were featured in newspapers all over the state, and (most of all) he met so many new amazing artists and friends. 


A Collection of Parody Zoom Plays

All your favorite characters get put into situations a little unusual from what they're used to. In this collection, Andrew stars in three plays, parodying Star Trek, New Girl, and Dystopian YA Novels. These comedic works are all original scripts putting a spin on the usual stories. From the quirky writer of Nick Miller to the artsy mood-boy of Conner Crow, Andrew absolutely adored creating and delving into these larger-than-life characters. These plays are available NOW on YouTube! Click the link below to check them out!

The Super Friends POW!-Cast

Life is a little strange in the super hero world! This DC Comics Parody podcast tells comedic stories of your favorite super heroes and villains. Andrew voices multiple characters over the season, such as The Flash, Impulse, and Kite-Man (Hell yeah). Not only does he voice the characters, he mixes, masters, and edits the whole show together! So all music, sound effects, and folly you hear is put together by him. Give it a listen on any platform you get your podcasts from! Click the link down below to hear these wacky stories!


Polaroid Stories by Naomi Iizuka

Set in NYC in the 1990s, this story explored teens struggling with addiction, isolation, and coming into adulthood. Each characters story is a re-imagination of Ancient Greek myths. Andrew plays Skindheadboy, a character struggling with new-found love and a growing addiction of hard drugs. Mixing the two myths of Prometheus and Theseus, this role took extensive research on Ancient Greek history, as well as research on drugs and its effects on users.

Green Day's American Idiot

The Marymount Musical Theatre Association (MTA) took on the political mammoth that is American Idiot. In 2019, leading up to the 2020 election, there was no better time to stand together and voice our opinions on the terrifying presidential term we lived through and were fearful of continuing to live in. With live instrumentation and visual aids on multiple large television screens, the production, we were able to make our opinions come to life. Andrew was a part of the ensemble with a featured role of Rock and Roll Boyfriend. He played electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and bass guitar in multiple musical numbers.



No story is more fun than a Disney story! Weston Drama Workshop's production of Newsies was one of the first community productions put on of the show. Andrew was ecstatic to take on the role of Crutchie: the young best friend to the protagonist who is willing to fight in the newsboy's strike despite his physical disability. The dances in the show were difficult, but the physicality and movement of Crutchie were its own challenge to take on.

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